Founder Bio

Alma Del Toro Ford

Alma Del Toro Ford is the founder and president of Blue Bull Energy LLC. She created Blue Bull to incubate her vision of an energy company that develops business as much as communities. 

Alma has 17 years of experience with BP, one of the largest oil and gas companies in the world, where she held several leadership positions and acquired deep operational and commercial knowledge. This experience includes:

Throughout her career, Alma has built an incredible network. She counts some of the most experienced, respected executives in the energy industry among her mentors and advisors.

Alma earned a law degree from the Universidad de Colima in Mexico and a master degree in ethics and international business from DePaul University in Chicago. 

Given Alma's humble upbringing, Alma is passionate and committed to developing and creating opportunities for others. Alma has extensive experience volunteering with NGO's serving as a Board Member some of which are; Seeds of Hope Africa where the team built an Orphanage in Ethiopia and where she and her husband continue to sponsoring  Ethiopian children, Auxilium Patient Assistance Program in Chicago and currently Houston's Multicultural Education and Counseling Through the Arts "MECA" where Blue Bull chaired the first black tie event surpassing the fundraising goal. 

Alma's Story: