There is nothing more energizing than delivering extraordinary results

What is Blue Bull Energy?

We are a minority-owned business with a unique approach to generating value in the energy sector. We operate without limits, other than the boundaries set by our values: Integrity. Respect. Efficiency. Blue Bull provides strategy and business development consulting in Mexico and the United States. We are on the path to becoming a full-scale energy business.

Our Vision

Continue to expand our impact in the industry: *Transform worries into opportunities *Leverage our portfolio across the energy sector *Grow projects within our mix portfolio and evolve from consultant to an energy company

Why work with us?

We are visionaries and strategists, driven to create opportunities where companies and communities accomplish extraordinary results. We are a competent, fun, grateful group of energy professionals who believe in making a difference in addition to generating economic value. We pursue fair, attractive opportunities in which all parties benefit. We are all about win-win deals!